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Models Project

The Models project is used to define the Entities used in the application, typically these are the Database Entities. A model is made up of (domain model) entity classes and a derived context (Database Context) that represents a session with the database, allowing you to query and save data.

In DDD, there are artifacts to express, create, and retrieve domain models: Entity. An object that is not defined by its attributes, but rather by a thread of continuity and its identity.

In the API Template Pack an Entity, may typically be a business object that may be represented as a Database object i.e. Table, although it does not exclusively mean this.

What is an Entity

An ENTITY is anything that has continuity through a life cycle and distinctions independent of attributes that are important to the application’s user.

In Domain-Driven Design (DDD), an Entity is something that has an identifier and an owner. It can be mutable, but has a thread of continuity throughout its lifetime.

There are important characteristics of entities:

  • An Entity has an identifier
  • An Entity has an owner
  • An Entity can be mutable
  • An Entity has a thread of continuity

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