Database Context Factory

A factory for creating derived Context instances. Implements the Microsoft Entity Framework Core IDesignTimeDbContextFactory to enable design-time services for context types that do not have a public default constructor. At design-time, derived DbContext instances can be created in order to enable specific design-time experiences such as Migrations. Design-time services will automatically discover implementations of this interface that are in the startup assembly or the same assembly as the derived context.

This class is also pre-generated for you and ready for you to start generating Migrations etc with

The Example below illustrates an example of a ContextFactory generated making use of PostgreSQL, which can be done making use of the --postgre switch

internal class ArticlesContextFactory : IDesignTimeDbContextFactory<ArticlesContext>
    public ArticlesContext CreateDbContext(string[] args)
        DbContextOptionsBuilder<ArticlesContext> dbContextOptionsBuilder =

        return new ArticlesContext(dbContextOptionsBuilder.Options);

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