Query Endpoint Template

The API Template guides developers down the path of implementing CQRS for REST based endpoints, as discussed in Introduction to CQRS

The query template is a great option if you want to add an additional query option to your endpoints. This template works in a similar fashion to the Command Endpoint Template

To do so you can simply use

dotnet new query --name <name of your query> --output <Directory location to create> --resource <name of the resource>


  • --name Name of the Endpoint being created
  • --output the output directory you would like to create
  • --resource the name of the resource the command will be associated too
  • --force This is an optional command which enables overwriting some or all of the folders associated with the command.


In a similar example we defined in the Command Endpoint Template we want to create a Read endpoint in our Email API resource.

 dotnet new query --name Read --output SampleProject/Activities/Email  --resource Email

Which will result in a number of folders & files being created.

Query Created