Command Endpoint Template

The API Template guides developers down the path of implementing CQRS for REST based endpoints, as discussed in Introduction to CQRS

The command template is a great option if you want to add an additional command option to your endpoints. This template works in a similar fashion to the query Endpoint Template

The command template is also the best option if you want to create a Custom Method

To do so you can simply use

dotnet new command --name <name of your command> --output <Directory location to create>  --resource <name of the resource>


  • --name Name of the Endpoint being created
  • --output the output directory you would like to create
  • --resource the name of the resource the command will be associated too
  • --force This is an optional command which enables overwriting some or all of the folders associated with the command.


In this example we may want to create a Send endpoint for our Email resource in our REST API. In this Example, our Activities folder is empty and we would like to create the resource.

Empty Commands

We can use the following command to generate our new endpoint on our Root Project directory

 dotnet new command --name Send --output SampleProject/Activities/Email  --resource Email

Which will result in a number of folders & files being created.

Generated Command

This will generate your Vertical Slice Endpoint with all the functionality.

It may be possible that you will need to create an additional end point, say for Batch sending of emails. This will require overwriting of the previously generated resource folder but will need the creation of new folders too. In this case we can make use of the --force switch which will help to overwrite some of common folders and create new ones too.

If you attempt to create the new endpoint without the --force switch you may experience an error informing you of the attempted overwriting of the ./Routes.cs

Overwrite error

Using the

 dotnet new command -n Batch -o SampleProject/Activities/Email --namespace SampleProject --resource Email  --force

This will result in your new folder and files to being successfully created.

Success command generated