Database project template

The Database project template aims to make creating a new database project for your microservice is as easy as possible. Bu default the project is configured to generate MSSQL, however if you want to use PosgreSQL you can make use of the --postgre switch to generate for postgre

dotnet new database --name [Name of your Database]  --output [output location]

To generate for Postgre you can use the same same command just passing in --postgre switch

dotnet new database --name [Name of your Database]  --output [output location] --usePOSTGRE

Additional switches

  • --name Name of your class to be created
  • --output The preferred output location
  • --usePOSTGRE optional flag to create a new solution that uses a PostgreSQL database backend
  • --force Forces content to be generated even if it would change existing files. This is required when the template chosen would override existing files in the output directory.

Using Rider project wizard

Database project